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Perks and Limitations of Having an Emotional Support Animal - 2021 Guide

An emotional support animal provides psychological and emotional support to people who need it. This is why their use is increasing day by day, and you will most likely notice people with emotional support animal letter in social setups. ESAs are very beneficial for such people, but there are some limitations also. 



Perks of Having an ESA


Some of the advantages of having an emotional support animal are as follows:



  • Comfort in Testing Times



An emotional support animal is there to help you when you need it. For example, you could be suffering from a mental issue or could have post-traumatic stress. If you can not handle it yourself, then do not shy away from taking the help. ESAs can provide you unconditional support and comfort in the hour of need. 



  • Healthy Replacement of Medicines



ESAs provide you the support and comfort, but they also eliminate the behavioral symptoms of your illness in the long run. The medicines also perform the same function. They cure you by relieving your symptoms. 


It has been proved through various researches that ESA owners experience lesser disease symptoms than normal patients. Do not mix ESAs with therapy dogs. They are not there to cure you, but they help with the treatment indirectly by providing you psychological support. 



  • Accommodation Benefits of an ESA



Your normal pets can not live with you everywhere you live. They are banned from a no-pet housing society or any house or apartment where the landlord doesn’t allow you to keep them. This is not the case with the ESAs. 


According to the Fair Housing Act, the ESAs can live with their owners in any housing society, apartment, hostel, dormitory, etc. The authorities can not ban ESAs from living with you or discriminate against them due to their breed, size, appearance, etc. So, legally register emotional support dog if you want to live with them freely. 


Everything has some limitations with all the advantages, so do ESAs. 


Limitations of an Emotional Support Animal


These are the following drawbacks of having an emotional support animal:



  • Long Documentation Process



Once you get an emotional support animal, you will have to get an ESA letter. This letter can be taken from a licensed mental health professional or an online service. 


The health professional will inquire about your disease and its symptoms. They will also analyze if your animal provides you the necessary emotional support or not. After all this a letter will be issued to you which is valid only for a year. This whole process could be strenuous for some people. 


Don’t be fooled by the service providers who offer you an ESA Letter. The only certification required for keeping an emotional support animal is an ESA letter. Don’t make the process more difficult for yourself. 



  • Limited Permissions 



There are some limitations of permissions for ESAs. They are not allowed as much as the service animals. For instance, the service animals can be carried to any social gathering, but the ESAs can not. 


Similarly, the new rules regarding the air traveling of ESAs say that the ESAs can not travel with their owners in airplane cabins. The airlines have the right to reject the request of ESA traveling. They will have to send these animals along with other normal pets. 



  • Could be Costly



Having any pet around is costly. You have to afford to buy them first. Then they will cost you for their food, grooming, veterinary checkups, etc. You will even have to pay someone to get an ESA letter. So, it could be somewhat costly to have an ESA. 


Though there are some limitations of ESAs, they are worth it. As mentioned earlier, they are a great support for you in difficult times. So, get an emotional support animal certification now. 


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